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HVAC Maintenance Management

Managing Maintenance in your Business with Elmec

ELMEC has been providing maintenance and technical solutions for management organisations for over 18 years. Our expertise per single person exceeds 30 years of experience. We have successfully worked with major management organisations to improve equipment and staff performance while reducing costs. We work side-by-side with our clients to develop solutions and implement them in real world situations. The results are innovative solutions that are changing the way our clients approach maintenance.

Our experience shows that maintenance should and can be managed as an integral part of their business - not a cost centre. It can be structured and evaluated accordingly. Providing value at a competitive price to customers is the driving force of our company. Desired outcomes must be defined, managed, and measured. We developed a balance between the technical culture and customer service culture in our organisation that results in the best value to our customers. Instead of seeing maintenance as a long-term burden, you can now view maintenance as an opportunity to make significant contributions to the bottom line.

ELMEC Focus Areas for Improving Customer Value

Once one realises that maintenance doesn't have to be just a cost of doing business, ELMEC provides a unique perspective on "What" and "How" maintenance practices should be handled.


Elmec's unique perspective on "Maintenance Smart" maintenance consists of 3 essential elements:

  1. Doing the right things
  2. Doing things right
  3. And then continuously improving


All aspects are essential to effective maintenance delivery; however, many organisations today invest in maintenance control and delivery improvements without first ensuring what they're doing pays for itself.

Elmec's unique combination of maintenance requirement determination, delivery process reengineering, maintenance boundary exploration, and decision system design skills are innovative solutions to complex maintenance problems.

HVAC Effective Maintenance Diagram

Managing & Maintaining HVAC

Changing your business to acknowledge maintenance
HVAC Maintenance with ELMEC
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