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Elmec Group CEO

Hendrik Janse van Rensburg

Chief Executive Officer - Elmec Group of Companies

Hendrik was appointed as Air-conditioning Electrician at Devon radar station under employment of Atlas Aircraft Corporation, where his knowledge of electromechanical services widened to the air-conditioning and refrigeration field with great success. HVAC controls experience was gained whilst working as Contract Manager at Honeywell South Africa.

HVAC air, water, systems commissioning and other aspects was gained at Cold Air Installations on projects such as Sandton City, Valindaba, Palindaba, Bloemfontein Packoffs Soecoffs, University Library, Standard bank Super-block Lifegrow Head Office and other major installations.

Cold Air promoted Hendrik to Contract Manager and was granted authority to manage HVAC installations of up to Ten Million Rand (1985), namely the Head office of Legal and General Volkskas, later named Lifegro (now head office for Investec).

The building owners approached Hendrik to join their ranks as Facilities Manager for the then completed high-tech head office. His experience started as management in the corporate property owners industry.

Hendrik’s professional experience includes many other different areas in the Maintenance and Management industry. He has been involved in HVAC controls, HVAC design Construction and Commissioning. His experience in the property industry covers many diverse areas.

While working for Momentum Properties (Merged with Lifegro), Hendrik was involved with the day-to-day running of Technical Services Management, where maintenance programs and systems for the property industry had to be developed and adhered to for approximately 125 buildings across South Africa.

Hendrik enjoyed considerable success as National Technical Advisor at Momentum Properties. He however became interested in establishing his own Company to cater for the shortage of professional Maintenance contractors. With ideas in mind, Hendrik conducted a feasibility study, and with first hand information being involved with the shortage of contractors determined the viability of such a step. When he found that such a need for professional contractors was worthwhile and could be developed, Hendrik formed Elmec Services c.c. in 1993, and later in 1998, Elmec Air-conditioning Services (Pty) Ltd was established to cater for the ongoing growth and success of the business.

Academic & Trade Qualifications

  • Matriculated at the Tom Naude Technical High school in Pietersburg
  • Further education at Pretoria Technicon
  • Apprenticeship as Millwright at Iscor Pretoria
  • Passed trade test 1972


Present Memberships held

  • SAIRAC (South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) since 1993
  • SEIFSA (Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa) since 1997
  • SAMA (Southern Africa Maintenance Association) since 2000
  • EEAIA (Electrical Engineering and Allied Industries Association) since 2003