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FAQ's & Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions
If an air-conditioner sounds like it's running fine, does that mean that it's OK?
Why is our office air-conditioner noisy?
Why does the fan coil unit still operate when the condenser is not?
Why is our present air-conditioner not making the office cold?
Why does water drip from the outdoor-unit condenser?
Why is the air-conditioner leaking water?
Why must the water tray be removed?
Why does our air-conditioner produce an unpleasant smell?
What happens if we do not service our aircons?
How can we tell whether there is an air quality problem at our premises?
How do we choose an air conditioning system?
How do we determine the air-conditioner capacity required for the space?
Which is the best air-conditioner brand?
Aren't service contracts just a waste of money?
Why shouldn't we just choose an HVAC company that gives the lowest prices?


Air Conditioning Glossary
Air Handler (AHU)
BTU (British Thermal Unit)
Central Air Conditioner System
Chilled Water System
Comfort Air Conditioning
Condensing Unit
Fan Coil
Indoor Unit
Inverter Air Conditioner
Packaged Unit (PU) (RTU)
Precision Air Conditioning
Single Package
Split System
Window Unit